Beijing-Kowloon Group decided to support the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference



Beijing-Kowloon Group decided to support the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference

2019-02-27 15:27

China International Energy Storage Conference: Confirmed by the Organizing Committee of China International Energy Storage Conference, Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingjiu Group”) decided to support the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference in 2019. CIES2019”), the theme of this conference is “Exploring the Road to Commercialization of Energy Storage and Serving the Global Integrated Energy Market”, which will be held on April 24-26 at InterContinental Hangzhou.




Founded in 1993, Beijing-Kowloon Group is headquartered in Nanchang, Jiangxi. It is a comprehensive new energy battery enterprise integrating investment, research and development, production and sales. It owns Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Supply (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd., China Jingjiu Power Bangladesh Co., Ltd., Jingjiu Power Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jingjiu Power Finance Center Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Province 6 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries such as Knight Chemical Co., Ltd. The lead-acid battery capacity of the company's leading products exceeds 30 million units, and the output value exceeds 5 billion yuan.




After years of development, the Beijing-Kowloon Group's technological innovation capability and technical level have always been at the forefront of the battery industry, and scientific research results have been at the leading level in the industry. It has established several production and marketing bases in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Shenzhen and Bangladesh. The main product “Jingqiu” brand battery has won the title of famous trademark in Jiangxi Province, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Middle East, China and Taiwan. Countries and regions.




Technology highlights industry leadership
Through continuous technological innovation, Jingjiu Group has successfully developed valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries with independent intellectual property rights, power batteries for electric vehicles, starter batteries, energy storage batteries, lead-acid battery plates, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Multiple series of products.
As an energy storage integrated service provider, it focuses on the development and application of new energy power generation and new energy power systems, power distributed energy storage systems, and microgrid integrated energy technologies, providing power, communications, finance, petrochemical, military and other fields. Multi-scene solution.
In recent years, through the implementation of environmental protection and industry standard conditions, the level of industrial equipment for lead storage batteries in China has generally improved, technological progress and industrialization of new technologies have been continuously promoted, and new technologies, new products and new materials for lead storage batteries have made new progress.
According to Wu Guosheng, vice chairman of Beijing-Kowloon Group, with its comprehensive manufacturing service advantages and continuous excellent quality control capabilities, Beijing-Kowloon Group has formed long-term strategic partnerships with a large number of high-quality customers such as the Chinese Air Force, State Grid and China Southern Power Grid. In industrial energy storage applications, through cooperation with integrated power integrators and communication operators, megawatt-class container energy storage systems using lead-acid and lead-carbon batteries, off-grid photovoltaic streetlight systems, and photovoltaic household energy storage Systems, communication energy storage power systems, UPS energy storage power systems and other products are sold to many countries and regions in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, and are used in many fields.
Nuclear "core" technology drives performance growth
Last year, the new upgrade of Jingqiu Battery, "Artisan Technology, Lasting Power", has always been making progress on the road of product quality. It is this unremitting pursuit of the core "core" technology to ensure that Beijing Ball battery always walks in The forefront of the industry. As of the end of last year, the Group's revenue exceeded RMB 3.5 billion, and overseas orders have doubled. This year's full-year revenue is expected to exceed 6 billion yuan.
Beijing-Kowloon Group adheres to the manufacturing philosophy of “ingenuity creation”. Jingqiu Battery adheres to product technology innovation, strictly controls the production industry, screens 100% of raw materials, strictly controls the product development process, and leads the standardized management of lead battery industry. Advance with the times, develop and innovate, continue to strengthen technology research and development, continuously improve core competitiveness, and continue to develop healthily while moving toward a multi-disciplinary enterprise.
In order to seize the opportunity of history and adapt to the changing trend of the global battery industry, Beijing-Kowloon Group and domestic first-class lithium battery companies have formed strategic cooperation in technology, production and supply chain, and actively deployed the lithium battery industry sector, through the layout of the lithium battery industry. It will actively expand in the electric bicycle, power tools, photovoltaic energy storage, low-speed electric four-wheelers, high-speed electric vehicles industry, provide humans with reliable green energy products, and lay a solid foundation for "re-creating a Beijing-Kowloon."
Talent and technology drive industry development
Jingjiu Group has nearly 3,000 employees, more than 400 middle and senior technical personnel, strong technical force, advanced equipment, and more than 10 utility model patents for battery manufacturing processes and products.
Both Nanchang and Jiujiang subsidiaries were rated as high-tech enterprises. Has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001-2011 quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO16949 automotive industry system certification, TLC Tell certification, UL product safety certification.
In order to further explore the research and layout of energy storage technology in the whole life cycle of high security, low cost, long life and resource reuse, promote and improve the construction of market price mechanism for energy storage value, and promote the technology of advanced large capacity energy storage system at a high proportion. The large-scale application of renewable energy grids has effectively built a market-oriented green technology innovation system. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association decided to jointly organize the “Ninth China International Energy Storage Conference” with more than 70 related institutions at home and abroad. The conference was jointly organized by the China Energy and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Branch and the China Energy Storage Network.
Wu Guosheng said that the Beijing-Kowloon Group is participating in the China International Energy Storage Conference for the second time. The purpose is to understand industry policy and market frontier information, learn from peer experience, and meet partners to jointly contribute to the development of the industry. At the same time, I hope to pass the influence and appeal of the conference in China and the world.
Let more customers know about the Beijing-Kowloon Group and get to know the "Beijing Ball" battery brand.
It is understood that this conference will set up 13 special forums: international energy storage market and policy, interpretation of China's energy storage and power system reform policy, energy storage power station and technology application, energy storage cost and investment and financing, energy storage safety And standard systems, energy storage batteries and ladder utilization, distributed photovoltaic and energy storage, communication energy storage, hydrogen storage and fuel cells, energy Internet and multi-energy complementarity, integrated energy services, electric vehicles and grid interconnection. During the period, the author will also publish the "2019 Energy Storage Industry Application Research Report".




According to the person in charge of the organizing committee of the conference, the three-day conference will invite more than 120 industry experts and more than 1,500 representatives from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Attend this conference.
Looking forward to the future, Beijing-Kowloon Group will make unremitting efforts to “become a great global green energy enterprise”. With the mission of “achieve customers, happy employees, and return to society”, we will strive to become the leading battery industry group in the world with the enterprise spirit of hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatism, and dedicated dedication.



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