Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages, Beijing-Kowloon Group responded to the government's call for 100,000 yuan to donate to poor areas



Thousands of enterprises help thousands of villages, Beijing-Kowloon Group responded to the government's call for 100,000 yuan to donate to poor areas

2018-11-24 15:29



On November 22nd, Beijing Jiujiu Power Supported Wuhu Village's Poverty Alleviation Donation Ceremony was held in Wuhu Village Committee, Yongxiu County, Jiujiang City; Yuan Yangyong, Director of Yongxiu County People's Government Office, You Xiaoyun, Party Secretary of Aicheng Town, witnessed the ceremony, General Manager of Beijing-Kowloon Group Yongxiu Company Mr. Wu Dashun, the chairman of the group, attended the meeting. He was the deputy director of the emergency office on behalf of the county government, the first secretary of Wuhu Village, Li Wei, and the branch secretary Wei Zhengjin officially donated 100,000 yuan.
Helping the basic situation of Wuhu Village in the area




Located in the south of Gaoqiaoyu, Wuhu Village is a poverty-stricken poverty-stricken village in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Jiangxi Province. The village covers an area of about 5 square kilometers, with a cultivated area of over 2,900 acres, a forest area of over 2,200 acres, and a water area of over 600 acres. Households 1526 people. Due to the deep poverty, remote location and backward infrastructure, the villagers here have extremely poor living conditions, dilapidated production and construction, and lack of employment opportunities. This not only pays attention to the government agencies, but also the attention of Mr. Wu Guoshun, the chairman of the Beijing-Kowloon Group, a kind-hearted person!
Chairman Wu Guoshun's development experience



Mr. Wu Guoshun, Chairman of the Group, started from scratch and experienced many setbacks and sufferings in the early days of his business. From his own small workshops to thousands of acres of industrial parks, he used his fission and difficult choices to grow and sharpen himself. Relying on the spirit of dedication and perseverance in the spirit of the mind, 25 years of consistent adherence and development, the sound spirit of win-win, win-win, and long-lasting win-win has achieved today's Beijing-Kowloon Group! Because of such a memorable growth experience and unparalleled success, Mr. Wu Guoshun knows that it is not easy to know how important and precious it is to “help” and “someone pulls you in difficult times”.
100,000 yuan donation is of great significance



There are 314 households with 1,526 people in the village of Wuhu Village. Hundreds of families and thousands of people will get life and environmental changes due to Mr. Wu Guoshun's good deeds. This also makes the group's donation seem profound.
Beijing-Kowloon Group always takes the mission of achieving customers, happy employees and returning to the society; it is the vision of becoming a great global green energy enterprise. Adhere to the people-oriented, internal enterprise spirit, shape corporate culture, expand innovative thinking, practice fine craftsmanship, commit to team building, bear social responsibility, and continue to develop steadily.
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