Steady governance in God--Corporate Culture
God, the basis of love, corporate culture is the god of the enterprise, the spiritual source of the struggle for employees. Jing Ball adheres to the humanized values concept and instills a flourishing spirit for the enterprise. Brand management and cultural marketing have always been praised by Jingqiu. Jingqiu has created a miracle in the battery industry and even in the Chinese marketing industry. Industry veterans have given a high degree of evaluation. Jingqiu is the first enterprise in the industry to regulate regional agency system. It is the first enterprise in the industry to incorporate the service image of unified advertising image into sales incentives. It is the first enterprise in the industry to set up user clubs, and it is the first in the industry. The stable development of traditional culture into the marketing enterprise is the first company to combine sales incentives with service and publicity, and is the first company to continuously make profits for dealers through promotion.
Jingqiu constantly writes a new chapter in the industry. It integrates culture into marketing, communicates with users in a steady and pragmatic style, spreads green culture in a humanized way, and constantly creates classics in the battery industry.
Vision: To be a great global green energy company
Mission: to achieve customers, happy employees, return to society
Core values: courtesy, integrity, professionalism, teamwork, customer achievement, excellence
Philosophy: Be good at improving, staying at innovation
Spirit: hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatic, dedicated dedication
Steady governance and team strength
The weather is not as good as the land, the land is not as good as the people, and the "harmony" refers to the unity of the people, unite up and down; Jing Ball gathers talents from all walks of life with the broad minds of the sea, and has established experts and elites from various fields such as technology, management and marketing. The leadership team has cultivated a team of hard-working and motivated employees. In the past 30 years of development, the team spirit of “hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatic, dedication and dedication” has been condensed. The whole team has the same direction, unified goals and huge formation. The synergy has become a lasting driving force to ensure the rapid development of enterprises.
Steady governance - technical strength
Steady governance and great cause will become an atmosphere. Jingke has become a leader in the industry with comprehensive moral cultivation. It is of course a necessity. With Seiko, it has created a classic and one classic. Jingqi has a technical research center, specializing in new product development and research. The center covers an area of ​​several thousand square meters and has more than 400 professional and technical personnel. It has hundreds of sets of the most advanced production equipment, technical equipment and testing equipment in the industry. With annual research and development capital of more than 10 million yuan, strong talent reserve, first-class technical strength, 445 manufacturing processes, leading experimental and R&D equipment, ensuring that Beijing's R&D and innovation capabilities have always maintained a leading position and become a competitive player in the market. The fundamental and powerful engine that constantly innovates products and enhances quality. At the same time, the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many domestic research institutes, providing strong technical and intellectual support for enterprises to become bigger, better and stronger.
Jingqiu has the world's leading battery plate production line, and its equipment and equipment are at the forefront of the same industry at home and abroad. The strong scale economy advantage and strong equipment strength have created the company's important position in the industry. Its quality and quantity are leading the world's first-class industry. Equipment is not only a strong guarantee for product quality, but also a strong reliance for enterprises to climb to higher peaks.
Steady governance in the law - quality inspection
Jingqiu Battery has established a complete set of modern enterprise management system, combined with ISO9001 quality system and ISO14000 environmental system certification, and further improved the quality management system and process, from raw materials into the production process, to product storage and delivery, Strict and detailed inspection procedures and standards have been set up to carry out layer-by-layer inspection and inspection of process standards and product quality to ensure that the products are of good quality and constant. The company has established a large number of QC teams, each of which is involved, whether it is their own. Processes or other processes, workers have the right to make proposed improvements, and some may be a radical change in the maximum process. The company's emphasis on product quality is fully guaranteed in terms of manpower. The construction of high-standard professionals, a large number of advanced equipment and layer-by-layer system guarantees that the products fully meet the quality standards.
Good products are not designed. Good products are not produced by high-end equipment. In the final analysis, living people are operating machines, and mobilizing the enthusiasm of front-line workers and exerting their subjective initiative will find the source of quality and wisdom. Ren Zhengfei It may be the same to say that people who hear the gunfire can command the battle.

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