Steady governance in the "heart";

Steady and compulsory inside and outside, good body, Jingqiu people-oriented, internal enterprise spirit, shaping corporate culture, expanding innovative thinking, external training, team building, social responsibility, and steady development can create Dacheng.
The heart, the return of God, the practitioners must first cultivate the heart, the so-called "small victory by wisdom, victory by virtue", "choose Beijing ball, is to choose peace of mind", looking at the battery industry, every successful brand is all Because of the good sentiment and virtue of the enterprise helmsman, as a unique brand in the industry---Jingqiu, from the day he was born, he contained the robust genes of products with the spirit of artisans.
The green hills stand tall, not the ambition of Lingyun, the cross-flow of the sea, and the true character of Fang Xian. In 2015, the market share of the battery industry, the price war of the industry giants, and the announcement of the six new policies of the “new national standard” all made the “grassroots” industry of the battery industry into a precarious state. However, market changes and adjustments. The simple and rude price war did not make the Beijing ball with strong spit and new and internal and external repairs hesitate, and did not stop the pace of its progress. When the industry adjustment slowed down, the Beijing team continued to rise against the trend and overtake the corner.
The rise of Jingqiu is not a one-off success. He has gone through a small workshop from his own field to a thousand-acre industrial park. He used his fission and difficult choices to grow and sharpen himself, relying on the dedicated and persistent craftsmen who are involved in the bones. Spirit, 27 years of consistent adherence and development, the sound spirit of win-win, win-win, long-lasting and win-win has made today's rise!

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