Sustainable development

Sustainable development

The battery industry is the focus of Beijing's past, present and future. It is the dream of Jingjing people to build a century-old Acer and a hundred-year brand.
Looking to the future, Jingqiu will be guided by the grand blueprint, with the guarantee of “hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatism, dedication and dedication”, supported by the spirit of perseverance, all-round upgrading of technology, crafts, management and service, using “craftsmen” Spirit + Internet Thinking is fully committed to the "100-year brand, 10 billion industry" two hundred grand goals.
Jingkeo expands into the relevant fields of the industry while maintaining the main industry, and realizes the full coverage of battery products. Now it has developed valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, electric bicycle-specific power batteries, industrial batteries, mining batteries, and electric vehicles. A full range of lead-acid batteries, such as energy storage batteries, are widely involved in various products. The upstream and downstream industries in the industry are moderately extended. They have entered the ranks of world-class battery companies, sharing new products for consumers with quality products, sound networks and perfect services. The consumption experience has helped the wonderful life of thousands of people, leaving the mark of Beijing Ball in every sunny place in the world.

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